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Increasing employee productivity by 30% for a leading BPO
Client: Our client is a UK-based business process outsourcing company with presence across the globe and operations in over 40 countries.

Problem: Their BPO management team was struggling to show employee productivity to their clients, their clients were keen on paying for results rather than resources in the Time and material (T & M) pricing model, but the management was unable to show the accurate stats to their client, owing to the following reasons -

• Lack of visibility into actual effort data
• Flawed Timesheet
• Manual dependency 

Solution: BPO management team switched from Time and material (T&M) based pricing model to an SLA–based business model and renewed the client relationship for 3 years.
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Sapience made us extremely competitive, so much so that we can now claim it as our USP in our sales pitches.​

Angelo Lima Fernandes

CEO/India | Reality Premedia Services