In today’s hectic lifestyle, Work-Life Balance represents a compromise. Instead, one should aim for Work-Life Harmony. This requires:
  • Adoption of Time Management at work and change in work habits driven by self quantification
  • Adoption of a certain discipline at work and change in work habits so that you can achieve more in less time, and with reduced stress

Download this eBook on ‘Habits and Their Saga’ to know more about 
  • How do habits get formed
  • How to incorporate change on a regular basis until it becomes a habit
  • How to get started in small steps and achieve guaranteed success
If you are looking to build life-changing work habits and achieve personal excellence through mindfulness, this eBook is for you.

Bonus: This eBook also includes 3 interesting infographics on
  • How to be focused
  • How to make meetings more effective
  • How to work faster

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