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Sapience Work Yoga

Do you ever feel that, you're working longer and harder than ever before but that no matter how many hours you put in, the work just doesn't get over?
If yes, you're not alone. Employees today are being increasingly bombarded with distractions from every direction.
It’s not unusual that at work:

  • We make personal calls on our mobiles
  • Browse the internet for social media
  • Check emails on the smart phone
We are engaged virtually 24x7, and yet it is becoming impossible to really know how much work we put in. And this creates stress since we seem to have lost control over our time.
In this white paper, you will:
  • Identify work habits that cause stress and impact our productivity
  • Understand the concept of Sapience Work Yoga and its four poses
  • Find out about achieving work-life harmony through self-transformation
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