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Maximizing Outsourcing Value Through Automated People Analytics @ Work

Outsourcing work is at an all-time high at the US, increasing at a staggering rate every year. As companies continue to reap the financial and qualitative benefits of outsourcing, the need for managing outsourcing engagements, or Outsourcing Governance, is also on the rise. Having a concrete set of strategies in place to avoid risks associated with outsourcing work, is crucial to the smooth management of outsourcing arrangements. This is something that a lot of companies, unfortunately, lack, resulting in their outsourced work being inefficient and subpar. 

The key points covered in the white paper include:


  • Identifying the typical challenges in managing outsourcing relationships
  • Introducing the concept of co-managing outsourcing relationships
  • Automating outsourcing governance to increase efficiency and success
  • Introducing a digital solution which provides automated and accurate visibility into outsourcing engagements 
  • Highlights on how co-management, automation, and technology can deliver a 20%+ increase in value creation 
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