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Work-Life Balance: Making it a Reality
Author: Ajay Sathe & Manjusha Gode, Cytel

The era has ended when people had a fixed and limited number of hours and their own skill set which was adequate for providing job satisfaction and money for their entire life time.

This was working out so well that – ‘How do I find out time for my family, hobbies and interests and most importantly for myself?’- was a question faced by not many. Well, this has now become a 1000 dollar question for today’s working population. Where Hurry, Curry and Worry have become an inevitable way of life, it has become critical to find an answer to this question.

In this paper, authors talk about the practical experiences over a number of years, what it takes to ensure that the proper work-life balance is achieved and maintained, and some tips about how to achieve it – again based on authors’ own experience.
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